3 Reasons To Smile About Same-Day Smile [BLOG]

Did you know that smiling is an innate, natural response to a happy environment? You were born with the ability to smile. It isn’t something you were taught. From the time you came into the world to this very moment, you have this internal, involuntary need to smile when you’re exposed to positive stimulus.

Why is this significant? Because it means that any time you hear or see something that makes you happy, you have to make a concerted effort not to smile in response. This is true whether you’re around people or whether you’re alone. The fact is, when you attempt to hide your smile or to stifle your smile, you are literally going against your very nature as a human being.

This begs another question: what is the harm is behaving in a way that’s contradictory to your nature? Well, great harm, actually. Studies suggest that compromising yourself, that is to say when you behave in a way that’s contradictory to what you feel is right for yourself or when you accept something you don’t want to accept, it can lead to increased tension, stress, anxiety, depression, energy depletion, and even psychological problems in extreme cases.

That’s why our team at Advanced Dental wants to share some news with you today. When you’re embarrassed by your smile, whether it’s due to missing teeth, or issues like stained, chipped, or broken teeth, for example, you have probably been going to great lengths every single day for a very long time hiding your smile.

Covering your mouth amongst family and friends when you hear a funny joke, or stifling your smile so as not to show your teeth when you want to celebrate something joyous… all of that effort to fight your natural instinct to smile over time has put a tremendous amount of stress on you whether you realize it or not.

But all of that can change! Dr. Reiter and our highly-trained team in Las Cruces offer something called same-day smile. And today’s blog gives three reasons why this procedure is something to smile about!

Reason #1: You Will Love The Way You Look!

Same-day smile essentially means that instead of waiting months for your dental implants to be loadbearing enough to handle a dental restoration, you can have your restorations, like crowns or dentures, the same day those implants are placed.

We should be clear, first, that not every patient is a good candidate for this option. To know for sure if same-day smile is an appropriate plan for you, you need to schedule an appointment with Dr. Reiter at Advanced Dental.

That said, if you can opt for our same-day smile solution, you can walk into our Las Cruces dental office feeling low, feeling embarrassed, feeling inhibited by the problems with your smile and walk out of our office with a fully-restored, fully-functioning, beautiful smile. No longer will you have to fight those instincts to smile. Instead, you will have an attractive, healthy set of teeth that will give you the freedom to smile and laugh with abandon!

Reason #2: You Will Love What You Can Eat!

Anyone in need of dental implants because of loose or missing teeth knows exactly how restrictive your diet can become. You avoid any foods that are too difficult to eat and chew so as not to get food stuck in those empty spaces or to avoid embarrassing and uncomfortable moving and shifting of your removable dentures.

What same-day smile does is it restores nearly the same bite force you used to have when your teeth were strong and healthy, so you can once again eat the foods you love without worrying about the possible consequences. Eat corn on the cob, eat steak, eat all those foods you’ve been avoiding for so long. And eat those foods without the heavy burden of mortifying “what if” scenarios dancing around your head!

Reason #3: You Will Love The Way You Feel!

Same-day smile will allow you to finally feel better, physically, emotionally, and psychologically. It restores the function of your teeth, making it easier to eat nutritionally dense food. So you will be and feel healthier. You will once again be able to maintain good oral hygiene and will feel the difference of a clean, healthy mouth. You will feel better because you will finally have the confidence to be exactly who you are, free from the bondage of fear and stress about your appearance.

Start The Process Of Your Same-Day Smile Solution TODAY!

Dr. Reiter and our team at Advanced Dental are here and ready to help you reap the benefits of a same-day smile solution. Are you ready?

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