Banishing Bad Breath: Tips From Advanced Dental

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In fact, our fearless leader, Dr. Harvey Reiter, has more than four decades of experience providing top-notch dental care throughout the area. And we all invest in your continued well-being by regularly participating in continuing education courses. But we don’t hoard all that knowledge. On the contrary, we share whatever we can through platforms like this blog you are reading right now.

Today, we wanted to pass along some tips for fighting bad breath. Why? Because it matters! You wouldn’t want others to base their opinion of you on such a thing. No one is truly immune from it either.

At one time or another we all have breath that isn’t suitable for close interactions with others. Occasional bad breath is problematic, to be sure. But we have actually treated lots of great patients who sadly suffer from a condition known as halitosis.

If you can relate, there is nothing to be ashamed about. But there is plenty you can do to improve your fate!

These are some easy things you can do to make yourself ready for up close and personal contact with others…

Consume Plenty Of Water

Water is so good for you. It turns out that keeping yourself hydrated is the best thing you can do to stave off bad breath. Who knew? Why is this so? Saliva naturally eliminates bacteria in your mouth causing the bad breath, but in order for saliva to be produced, you need to drink enough water. The bonus is that in many places the water is infused with fluoride! Score!

Avoid The After-Dinner Mints

We realize that this advice may seem counter-intuitive. When you get an awful taste in your mouth, it’s easy to grab a mint, cover it up, and go on with your day. The bad thing is that most mints are overloaded with sugar. And once the mint has dissolved into memory, all that remains is a sugary residue that actually feeds the bacteria causing your breath problems. It can be a vicious cycle. If you absolutely have to, chew on some sugar-free gum instead.

Floss Like You Mean It

Overcoming bad breath is really a matter of defeating bacteria. Brushing is good. But flossing is an even better practice for this battle. Try to floss twice a day or more to eradicate bacteria from in-between your teeth.

Twist Your Tongue

If you struggle with chronic bad breath, take the extra time to scrape and brush your tongue twice a day. Do it when you brush and floss! It will be worth it.

Visit Advanced Dental

If you are serious about doing something about your bad breath, it’s time to set up an appointment at Advanced Dental of Las Cruces. We’ll do our part to keep your mouth fresh and clean.

Contact us today to find the source of your halitosis and take the necessary steps to put it behind you.


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