To Boost Your Smile, Try Teeth Whitening! [BLOG]

With summer finally here, you’re probably thinking about the fun in the sun you have planned. Maybe there’s a highly anticipated special event like a wedding or class reunion you’ve been anxiously awaiting. Or perhaps you’re finally taking that trip you’ve been putting off. Whatever the occasion, you deserve to look your best.

But it doesn’t have to require a ton of your precious time or money to give your smile a boost for all the memories you’re sure to capture this summer. It can be as simple as a professional teeth whitening treatment in our Las Cruces dental office!

For the perfect accessory to your summer look, schedule a teeth whitening treatment with Dr. Reiter at Advanced Dental. We offer some options that can beautify your smile safely and effectively just in time for your summer special occasion.

The Advantages Of Professional Teeth Whitening

Forgiving The Effects Of Lifestyle

Certain behaviors in lifestyle can contribute to the discoloration of your teeth. Smoking and other tobacco products, as well as the repeated consumption of tea, red wine, coffee, and dark foods can all, over time, take your teeth from white to not-so-bright. With the teeth stains that come with these lifestyle choices, you’re more likely to see more successful results from professional whitening treatment than with the kind of products you find in stores.

You can ask your dentist about any short-term lifestyle changes you might need to make while receiving treatment. Some procedures might require you to abstain from these staining agents in the days afterwards. It’s important to follow the instructions with any course of whitening treatment in order to get the best results.

Transforming Your Self-Esteem

You shouldn’t be embarrassed by your smile. But if your teeth are yellow, that’s obviously not something you’re going to feel like smiling about. With a whiter, brighter smile, you’ll feel that boost of confidence that’s been missing in your life for too long. You can smile knowing that those pearly whites look as fantastic as you feel!

Reversing The Signs Of Aging

Aging is something that affects all of us, and with the passing of time comes many advantages such as wisdom and wonderful experiences. Unfortunately, though, not everything that comes with aging is pleasant. Discolored teeth is one of those things.

A professional teeth whitening treatment can reverse the staining effects that aging may have on your teeth. It’s a very simple way to make you look years younger!

Trust The Professionals For Your Whiter Smile

The first step in any professional whitening treatment is to make sure your mouth is as healthy as possible. Whiter teeth mean very little if you have any oral health issues that need attention. Dr. Reiter and our highly skilled hygienists will give you a thorough cleaning and examination to get your mouth in tip top shape.

It will also help us determine the most appropriate method of whitening for you. Depending on your particular stains, causes behind them, and smile goals, you may benefit more from one cosmetic procedure over another. Again, Dr. Reiter can help you decide on the one that suits your needs best.  

Our treatments are far better than OTC products that line store shelves. One of the reasons behind this is that we’re using prescription level whitening agents that you can’t find in store bought treatments, giving you more dramatic results in less time. It’s also much safer. In our Las Cruces dental office, you know that you’re in the hands of dental professionals who have the skill, experience, and equipment to give you the effective and safe treatment you need to boost your smile for summer!

Boost Your Smile For Summer By Making An Appointment

If you’re ready to feel more confident and look years younger, give us a call today for a professional teeth whitening treatment at Advanced Dental in Las Cruces, NM. We can give you the whiter, brighter, more radiant smile for that special summer occasion.

Call us at 575-680-1037 or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment.


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