Dental Emergencies Come Without Warning

Dental Emergencies Come Without Warning

Last month Graham, a regular patient here at Advanced Dental of Las Cruces, was on his lunch hour and in the process of driving back to work while trying to scarf down some food. He bit into something hard and actually broke part of one of his teeth off. This is not the same as having a full-on medical emergency, but it was a disconcerting situation for Graham until he resolved the issue by stopping by our office for emergency treatment. Fortunately, we were able to see him right away for treatment.

The thing to remember about dental emergencies is that they happen fast, without any warning. That’s why we wanted to explore a couple of the more common kinds of dental emergencies and what you will need to do, generally speaking, if you find yourself in a similar set of circumstances.

Broken Tooth

As you might expect, this is a very common emergency situation that we encounter here. There are so many things that can cause your tooth to chip or break, like using your teeth as tools or openers. Please don’t do that!

No matter how you break or chip your tooth, the big thing to remember is to never ignore the problem, even if there isn’t any pain present at first. It matters because whenever you chip a tooth, you can expose the dentin and dental pulp, putting yourself at risk for a root canal or other intense treatments.

Lucky for you, Advanced Dental has treatment options that can restore your tooth to match your natural smile, if you act sooner than later.

Lost Tooth

Take our word for it, losing a tooth as an adult is painful, traumatic, and embarrassing. That said, it is crucial to remain calm if it ever happens to you.

When you have a knocked-out tooth, you will need to try to recover the tooth as quickly as possible and avoid touching the root of it. If the tooth is covered in dirt, you can rinse it off, but you want to avoid removing any of the tissues from the tooth itself.

After that, try to place the tooth back into the spot where it was knocked out from. If you are unable to do this, place the tooth in a container and cover it with milk to prevent the roots from dying. According to your situation, taking these precautions may allow us to place the took back in your mouth permanently.

However, if we can not save your tooth, we will move forward with dental implants or other treatment solutions that best fit your needs.

Various Emergencies

There are so many things that can happen to your teeth and gums over the course of your life. Other situations we can help with include: abscess and infection, self-inflicted bites, severe tooth decay, and so forth.

If you ever experience oral pain or have any other cause for concern, give us a call right away!

Advanced Dental Can Save Your Smile

Obviously, if you are experiencing a serious or life-threatening emergency, please call 911 or head straight to the nearest emergency room.

However, if you are experiencing a strictly dentistry-related emergency, call Advanced Dental of Las Cruces now at [phone] to schedule your same-day appointment.

We will get you in as soon as possible and may be able to provide you with assistance for temporary pain relief.

Be careful out there!


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