Dental Implants for Healthier Food Choices

Hello, New Mexico! Welcome back to the continuing dental blog from the office of Advanced Dental of Las Cruces. This online forum is our way of staying in touch with you, the wonderful people of Las Cruces, NM, so that you can keep up to date with important matters of oral health and preventive care. At Advanced Dental, we believe everyone needs the ability to make informed decisions about their oral health, but in order to do that you will need accurate information. That’s why we publish this blog, so that you have access to the information you need to protect your oral health and that of your family.

In our last blog, we wrote about the extraordinary health benefits of dietary fiber. One of the great things about dietary fiber is that it helps to protect your teeth from the ravages of decay. The chewing involved in eating foods high in fiber generates enough saliva to fight the dental caries that cause tooth decay, while washing away food particles.

Your teeth and dietary fiber have an interesting symbiotic relationship. For healthy teeth, you need to chew fibrous foods, and to chew fibrous foods, you need healthy teeth. But what does this mean for anyone who has missing teeth, as the result of decay or an accident? Are they resigned to eating unhealthy foods and suffering the ill effects on their oral health?

Not at all!

Dental Implants in Las Cruces

Missing teeth are a major problem in this country, and they can seriously inhibit your ability to chew food, which means you will have fewer choices when it come to eating. Unfortunately, most of the foods that are softer and easier to chew are not the healthiest choices. As we mentioned in our last blog, chewing is an important part of oral hygiene and preventive care. And foods that are good for your teeth are typically good for the rest of your body, too.

So, simply putting up with missing teeth is not the healthiest thing you can do. Thankfully, at Advanced Dental of Las Cruces we can provide with a variety of tooth replacement solutions.

Stability is the main thing you are looking for when it comes to your tooth replacement. Dentures are probably the most well known and oldest form of tooth replacement, but they can’t accurately be described as stable. For the most part, dentures rely on suction and dental adhesive to stay in place, but they just aren’t that effective. As a result, dentures are known to slide around inside your mouth, and to pop out at the worst times.

The problem with dentures is that they only replace your teeth above the gum line, so they do not have a root to keep them in place. Dental implants replace root and the crown, giving you the stability you need to make healthy food choices.

The Implant Difference

The thing that makes implants more stable than other tooth replacement solutions is the titanium post that becomes the new root. Titanium is a unique metal because of its high level of osseointegration, which means that titanium naturally bonds well with human bone. Your jaw bone will actually grow into the surface of the titanium post, making for an incredibly stable new root for your new tooth.

A natural looking dental crown will be affixed to the implant post, completing your tooth replacement procedure. You will now have the freedom to eat what you want, which ideally means you will be making healthy food choices to continue protecting your oral health.

Implant Supported Dentures

If you are missing an entire row of teeth, you can use implants to replace each tooth individually, but this may not be the best solution for you. the same titanium post used in the method described above can be used to anchor a complete set of dentures.

In this case, you will have four to six implants, rather than one for every tooth, upon which your dentures will be attached. This will provide you with the stability you were lacking with traditional dentures. Now you can eat, talk, and laugh freely without fear of your dentures coming loose and flying across the room.

Let Us Help You

Don’t let missing teeth keep you from eating healthily and taking care of yourself. As we mentioned above, your oral health is not the only thing at stake here. The food you choose to eat determines a lot about how healthy you will be.

Advanced Dental in Las Cruces can help you decide if dental implants are right for you, but you have to come see us first.

Don’t hesitate. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.


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