Don’t Let Tooth Decay Get Away

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One of the things that we do is work with you to prevent cavities, but we also treat them quickly and discreetly whenever they do emerge in your mouth. It’s not a big deal if we have the chance to catch tooth decay in its early stages. But in order for us to be able to do that, you will have to be a frequent visitor to our comfortable dental practice.

Cavities Can Take Hold Fast

When decay starts to form in your tooth, a tiny hole will develop. You probably won’t even notice it. Over time, the hole, or cavity, will grow bigger and bigger and eat away at more of your tooth. In fact, the longer the cavity is left untreated, the worse the situation becomes for you. Left unaddressed, a cavity can reach the unfortunate level where you will need to have a root canal. Even worse, you might lose the tooth altogether and have to look into implant replacement options.

Luckily, that does not have to be your destiny.

We have an effective treatment in the form of dental fillings. Fillings can help prevent worse things from happening because they work to fill the hole, strengthening your tooth and protecting it from any further decay.

In the old days, we would have used a metal filling that got the job done but showed up like a black metallic scarlet letter on the tops of your teeth, forever reminding you of your oral health mess-ups.

These days, things have changed in our Las Cruces dental office, and we can now offer a better option for treating cavities. Nearly invisible, mercury-free dental fillings are what we suggest to our patients for a more subtle cavity treatment.

In fact, mercury-free fillings are better for your tooth structure too.

Mercury-Free For Me

Conventional fillings relied on silver amalgam, a paste composed of mercury along with other metals. As we mentioned, they never looked natural in your mouth. And because these fillings can contain up to 50% mercury, there have always been concerns from patients afraid of mercury poisoning or who have allergies to metal.

By contrast, our mercury-free fillings are made of a composite resin, glass ionomer or ceramic. This means that your fillings can actually be matched to your tooth color so as to look like they belong in your mouth. No scarlet letters!

Advanced Dental’s Mercury-free fillings also bond directly to your tooth structure and don’t require as much enamel removal before application, which makes your teeth stronger and much less vulnerable to breakage over time.

Overall, this is the best way to treat cavities in the modern era.

Advanced Dental Is Here For You

In our Las Cruces, NM dental office, we make treating cavities a pain-free experience. But you should never wait too long to get the treatment you need.

Contact our team today if you’d like to learn more about preventative dentistry or our mercury-free fillings procedure.


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