There Are Plenty Of Ways To Improve Your Smile

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We are your trusted source for cosmetic dentistry services in New Mexico. If you live in the region, we’d love to talk to you about the many ways we can boost the health and appearance of your teeth and gums. Let’s face it, we all have certain issues that bother us about our look. But if your issues are dental-related, you can remedy the situation with a little help from us. These days, cosmetic dentistry is more accessible than ever. What’s more, our team offers easy and affordable ways to improve your smile once and for all.

Keep reading to hear about some of our current offerings and then be sure to follow up and schedule your consultation so that we can put the transformative wheels in motion, so to speak.

Gum Reshaping

At Advanced Dental we know that you should never take your gums for granted. If you are bothered by a “gummy smile,” we can help you get a more even grin through a gum reshaping therapy treatment.

Don’t worry, it is non-invasive. Gum reshaping is simply a procedure by which we remove the excess soft tissue that hangs over your teeth. This is a mild form of treatment that will leave you with perfectly even gums to better showcase your winning smile.

Teeth Whitening

If your teeth are yellow or otherwise discolored, that can cause problems for you. But no matter what level of stains you are living with, our KöR teeth whitening system can easily reverse the effects of age, along with the residue that our daily habits (like red wine, chocolate, coffee, tea, and so forth) can leave behind. It is a quick and easy way to get a better look!

Orthodontics For Adults

If your smile is characterized by gapped, crooked, or overcrowded teeth, that can be embarrassing and, in fact, unhealthy. Even if you are well beyond your adolescent years, you can still straighten your dental issues out with one of our orthodontic treatments for adults.

At Advanced Dental of Las Cruces, we make it easy for you by offering Six Month Smiles and Invisalign “clear braces.”

They are both discreet and dependable ways to get the job done.

Tooth Recontouring

Oddly shaped, improperly spaced teeth can be downright annoying to deal with.

The good news is that our tooth recontouring procedure will comfortably correct any size and shape issues that you might have. With this treatment, we gradually remove small amounts of tooth enamel until we shape your teeth into a more balanced smile.

Dental Veneers

Dental veneers will cover up a wide variety of damage and give you a clean, new look. Cracked, chipped, misshapen, uneven, and discolored teeth can all be remedied by our veneers. With this cosmetic solution, we remove a small amount of enamel from your teeth and then cement the porcelain veneers on top of them. Easy enough, right?

See What Works For You!

We can work through just about any issue that is bothering you. Call Advanced Dental of Las Cruces, NM today at [phone] arrange for your cosmetic dentistry consultation.


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