Free Your Smile With Mercury-Free Fillings

Welcome to another September edition of the Advanced Dental of Las Cruces blog!

If you live in the Las Cruces, New Mexico area, you can trust that Dr. Reiter and the rest of our team are here always here for you should anything ever go awry in regards to your oral health.

The most common problem we see here is cavities.

Basically, there is an oral bacteria (dental caries) that feeds on the sugars in the foods you consume and produces acid, thus attacking your teeth in the form of decay and eventually making its way to your pulp if you don’t stop it in its tracks.

The good news is that a simple dental filling procedure is usually enough to save your smile and to spare you the trouble and expense of a root canal or extraction.

But we won’t be able to catch such things early on if you aren’t a frequent visitor.

So, be sure to schedule your next preventive checkup at Advanced Dental, and keep reading to hear about the modern way we can restore your smile should a cavity ever show up in your mouth.

Modern Fillings In Las Cruces

In early eras, dentists had to use a mix of mercury and other metals called amalgam for fillings. If you ever had a metal filling, it probably still shows whenever you smile.

It is well known that amalgam is anything but discreet and so it looks like a metallic blotch on your otherwise white teeth.

Amalgam fillings can also make your tooth more vulnerable to fracture and cause damage to the nearby healthy tooth structures.

But, around here, we now uses a new, safe, and aesthetically-pleasing material for fillings: composite.

Composite consists of a blend of resins that lends itself well to the appearance of your natural teeth. These fillings will look and feel like they actually belong in your mouth.

Our team can fill your cavity in a subtle manner and the composite resin we use will also have superior bonding properties that allow for increased longevity.

Doesn’t that sound like a win-win situation?

The Filling Process

There’s no need to be worried, getting a tooth-colored filling from us is a quick and painless procedure.

Here’s what will happen: we always start by numbing the appropriate area of your mouth. And if you are anxious about the procedure, we can explore options for relaxing the rest of your body (with sedation).

After that, we will clean the cavity by removing the decayed tissue. Once the cavity has been cleared, we will apply the putty-like composite resin material in thin layers. We will be able to shape these layers to match the surface of your tooth.

In the end, our team will harden the resin with a high-intensity light and polish it to match the shade of your teeth. That’s it! Then you’ll be able to take your fresh, clean mouth, and your restored smile home!

Take Back Your Oral Health!

If you are experiencing any level of decay and wish to take care of it with a dental filling, contact Advanced Dental of Las Cruces now!

We’ll give you plenty to smile about!


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