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We hope you are able to get out and about to enjoy all the good things that October has to offer. But we also hope that you will remember to schedule your next appointment to come in and see us in person.

Here at Advanced Dental we are a full service practice dedicated to maintaining healthy smiles for the folks living in and around Las Cruces. In our office on Don Roser Drive, we offer a variety of general and cosmetic dental solutions to keep you feeling and looking your best.

Getting a smile you can be proud of has nothing to do with vanity. It is actually a real way to boost your self-confidence, and keep you from missing out on all the social and professional opportunities that come your way.

Plus, when you feel like smiling, others will be drawn to you.

This is why we feature adult orthodontic treatment solutions that are fast, effective, and discreet at transforming the health and appearance of your smile.

You Too Can Have A Six Month Smile

Have you always wanted to fix certain issues with your teeth?

Many Americans feel the same way, but for some reason most never take the necessary steps to solve the problem.

If you are an adult living with crooked, misaligned, gapped, or overcrowded teeth, we can fix the situation with a method known as Six Month Smiles.

That’s right, with Six Month Smiles, your teeth can be transformed in a matter of months. Sounds too good to be true, right? Especially considering that traditional orthodontic treatment can take 2-3 years.

But are Six Month Smiles for grown ups?

Orthodontics Are For Everyone

We tend to associate braces with teenagers. But they aren’t the only segment of the population that could benefit from a realignment.

Still, adults have different needs and expectations than teenagers when it comes to orthodontic treatment.

Our adult patients need an orthodontic solution that will do what it promises in terms of effectiveness. They are making their own investment of time and money and they don’t want to fool around with anything that isn’t going to radically makeover their smile.

Additionally, adults need orthodontic gear that isn’t going to feel awkward or draw unwanted attention to their mouths, especially at the office. As such, bright shiny metal isn’t going to suffice.

They also need their treatment to happen fast so they can achieve the results they want and move on with their lives.

Do you have the same stipulations in mind?

If those are the things you are looking for, Six Month Smiles more than delivers on all of those preconditions.

And the end results will be amazing.

Advanced Dental Care Is Ready For You

If you get started now, by spring you could be enjoying all the aesthetic benefits of your gorgeous new smile.

Come see what adult orthodontics can do for you at Advanced Dental Care of Las Cruces, NM.

Contact our office today to schedule a consultation!


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