Get A Whiter Smile For Spring From Advanced Dental Of Las Cruces

Get A Whiter Smile For Spring From Advanced Dental Of Las Cruces

Welcome back to the Advanced Dental of Las Cruces blog! We are so glad that you found us. And we can’t wait to get to know you in-person. So, what brings you to our site today?

Are you…

…fed up with the dark stains on your teeth?

…embarrassed to laugh?

…ready to get a brighter, whiter smile for Spring?

…looking for a dentist in New Mexico who can get the job done?

Then look no further! Advanced Dental of Las Cruces can quickly brighten your outlook in regards to your smile.

In fact, with us, you will have the option to whiten your teeth right here in our office or in the comfort of your own home around your own schedule. Either way, our teeth whitening system will be safe, dependable, and effective, so you will receive the results you want – even as much as 16 shades whiter!

Professional Teeth Whitening

What causes such an embarrassing situation? Lots of things! Just getting older will darken your teeth. And your daily dose of coffee isn’t helping matters. Other things such as chocolate, red wine, tea, richly colored foods, and certain medications can also cause discoloration. But there’s no need to let your yellow teeth get you down.

When your teeth have become deeply stained or badly discolored, we will probably recommend that you have your teeth whitened in our office. That’s because our in-office treatment is a bit stronger than traditional whitening systems. The good news is that you will notice results straightaway.

We use the KöR Whitening Deep Bleaching system to provide you with a sensitive-free option to whiten your teeth. When you come in for your whitening procedure, we will apply a whitening gel to your teeth. You will then have a light placed over your mouth to activate the gel. Once the gel is activated, stains and discoloration will be lifted from your teeth. It’s as easy as that!

Get this: the whole procedure will take only an hour or two at most! Once the treatment is complete, you will notice an immediate improvement, and you will leave the office with plenty to smile about. With occasional touch-ups, your teeth will remain white for years – we can’t say as much for store-bought DIY teeth whitening products that provide temporary results, if any. Worse yet, those kits often leave you with damaged gums.

Take Home Whitening Option

Having options is always good. Whitening your teeth at home is not only more convenient, but you may also feel more comfortable doing it. We can appreciate that, and this is why we provided an effective at-home whitening treatment. KöR at-home bleaching is our method of choice, and it is delivered through whitening gel in a custom-built tray that is fitted to your unique mouth.

After your special tray is completed, you will simply come into our office for us to quickly demonstrate the process. Every night, at home, you will place some gel in the tray and then place the tray on your teeth while you sleep. Nothing to it, really! You will notice results as soon as a week or two after regular use.

Make Your Whitening Appointment Now!

We hope you will be inspired to take the next step! If you are interested in learning more about our our professional teeth whitening, give our office a call today at [phone].

You can also click here to fill out our online appointment form, and one of our team members will get back to you ASAP.

We can’t wait to brighten your day!


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