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Welcome to the Advanced Dental of Las Cruces blog! We love helping the good folks in our community to keep their mouth clean and their smile looking its best. No matter what sort of issues you are dealing with, odds are we’ve seen it here and treated it effectively before.

Here’s a recent story for you: When Angie came in for her last dental exam and teeth cleaning, she had some dissatisfaction in regards to the condition of her teeth.

We discovered that she was dismayed because she had an upcoming speaking engagement, and her formerly gorgeous grin was deeply discolored because of Angie’s love of coffee, chocolate, red wine and the like. Maybe you can relate.

Anyway, Angie had previously tried a store-bought whitening kit like the ones you see at the supermarket. Not surprisingly, she didn’t have any luck with the mass produced trays and lackluster gel. This only added to her sense of hopelessness. However, we were able to cheer her up in a hurry when we explained how we go about the whitening process right here in our office. Angie’s story ended well, and yours can too if you’ll only give us a chance to brighten your outlook!

If you you are dealing with yellow, stained, or otherwise discolored teeth, a professional teeth whitening treatment from your Las Cruces dentist might be just what you need.

Fortunately, we can provide you with the opportunity to whiten your teeth here in our office or in the cozy surroundings of your own house.

Regardless of which way works best for you, you can rest assured that our teeth whitening system is safe, easy, and effective. So, you know you will receive the brighter results you are hoping for – even as much as 16 shades whiter! And you won’t have to give up your wine, coffee, tea or chocolate, to get the job done.

Do It Here

In the event that your teeth are severely stained, we will likely suggest that you have your teeth whitened in our office. Why? Because our in-office treatment is a bit stronger than traditional whitening systems, and you will be able to enjoy your results on the spot.

How do make it happen? We proudly feature the KöR Whitening Deep Bleaching system to provide you with a sensitive-free option to whiter teeth. As we already stated, it’s incredibly easy! When you first come in for your whitening procedure, our team will place a whitening gel on your teeth. You will then have a light placed over your mouth to activate the gel. Once the gel is activated, stains and discoloration will be lifted from your teeth.

Does it take long? Not at all! Your whitening treatment will take only an hour or two at most. Once the procedure is over, you will notice an immediate improvement, and you will go home with lots to smile about. With occasional touch-ups, your teeth will remain white for years – unlike store-bought teeth whitening products that provide temporary results, when they do any good at all.

Do It At Home

For some folks, this is far more appealing. Whitening your teeth at home is not only convenient, but you may also feel less self-conscious doing it. We understand this, and that is why we offer an at-home version of our classic whitening treatment. KöR at-home bleaching is our whitening system of choice, and it is delivered through whitening gel in a custom-made tray that is fitted to your mouth.

Once your custom tray is ready, you will just come into our office for us to quickly demonstrate the process. Then, each night, you will place gel in the tray and then place the tray on your teeth while you sleep. There’s really nothing to it! The cool thing is that you will see results as quickly as a week or two after repeated use.

Why Not Make Your Appointment Now?

We hope you have been inspired by today’s blog post. If you are ready to hear more about professional teeth whitening services at Advanced Dental of Las Cruces, give our office a call today at [phone].


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