Happy Fourth of July, Las Cruces!

Summer is here! With July finally at our doorstep, another Fourth of July in New Mexico is just a few days away, and here at Advanced Dental of Las Cruces we love to see families enjoying this celebration of freedom with large, healthy smiles on all their faces. Oral health and dental care are probably the furthest things from your mind as you make preparations for fun, fireworks, and food this weekend, but is your oral health is lacking, and you are experiencing discomfort due to missing teeth and tooth decay, you may have a hard time enjoying the festivities this Fourth of July.

If there’s one thing you’ll need to get the most fun out of this holiday weekend, it’s a healthy set of teeth. Imagine trying to eat corn on the cob with no front teeth, or crunchy chips and dip with missing back teeth. Food is the cornerstone of any family get together, but it is absolutely essential for a fantastic Fourth of July. So, if you never thought missing or decayed teeth were a problem before, you will likely change your mind after a summer weekend filled with painful grimaces instead of joyful smiles.

That is another thing that will come in handy this Fourth of July, a healthy smile. Smiling is our natural way of expressing joy and happiness. A nice smile shows those around you that you are comfortable, friendly, and approachable, which is exactly what you want for a social gathering this summer.

If poor oral health and missing teeth is causing you to hide your teeth in public, you may be sending out the wrong nonverbal message. It will certainly create some uncomfortable moments when someone tells you to smile for a photo and you keep your lips shut tight. These moments can avoided by making a trip to Advanced Dental of Las Cruces for one of our tooth replacement solutions.

Dental Implants from Advanced Dental of Las Cruces

The great thing about dental implants is that they replace your entire tooth, when dentures and bridges only replace the crown. The root makes up two thirds of your total tooth, so a tooth replacement that does not replace the root is barely a tooth replacement at all.

Dental implants use a titanium post, screwed directly into your jawbone, to act as a new root. The implant anchors a dental crown so securely you will be hard pressed to tell the difference from your natural teeth.

That is what you want in a tooth replacement, something that is indistinguishable from the teeth you were born with. When you new synthetic tooth looks and acts just like a natural tooth, you will be able to enjoy all the foods you love with no restrictions, other than the common sense of healthy living.

Implant Supported Dentures

Dental implants can be used to replace individual teeth, or they can be used to anchor a full set of dentures to your jaw, so you don’t have to worry about your dentures flying out of your mouth at the most in opportune time. The benefit to this is that it takes fewer implants to secure a set of dentures than it does to replace each tooth one at a time.

If you have worn dentures for some time, there is a good chance you have lost some bone density in your jaw, which may make full-sized implants too large to fit. However, mini-implants are smaller in diameter than standard implants, but just as long. That means they can be used to secure a set of dentures in areas of low bone density.

Whatever your situation, don’t let poor oral health stop you from enjoying yourself this Fourth of July. Come see us at Advance Dental of Las Cruces to discuss your tooth replacement options.

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