Keep Your Family’s Smiles Safe This Summer! [BLOG]

It’s the time of year for fun in the sun with kids and beach bags in tow. For the next few months, you get to enjoy quality family time while soaking up the rays, splashing around in the pool, and snacking on refreshing summertime treats.

But our team at Advanced Dental wants to make sure you have the tools to keep your family’s smile safe and healthy during the summer months.

Today’s blog will help you protect the teeth and gums for everyone in your household. So before you load up the swimmies, water toys, and snack-filled coolers, take a few minutes to check out these summer smile safety tips!

Why Pick On Summer?!

In our Las Cruces dental office, we see patients all the time, during every season, who have developed dental problems specific to that season. So we’re not trying to unfairly pick on summer. After all, summer is awesome for so many reasons! But each season brings its own risks to your oral health, and here are just a few that summer might bring.

When It Comes To Snacks, Be Nice To Your Teeth!

Okay, two things to keep in mind when it comes to safe snacking: think healthy, think gentle. First, let’s talk about healthy options.

Stock up on fresh fruits and vegetables instead of potato chips, pretzels, or candy. While the latter might be more convenient in some ways, they will leave behind cavity-causing sugars that bacteria can feed off of to create acids that will erode your enamel.

Crunchy fruits and veggies, like carrot sticks, apples, and celery, not only help promote saliva production your mouth needs to naturally wash away debris, but they also scrub your teeth clean as you chew them. It doesn’t just make more sense for your waistline and overall health, but it makes sense for your healthy teeth and gums.

The second issue has to do with preventing damage by avoiding crunching on ice. Whether this is a habit you indulge in all throughout the year or whether you’re seeking refreshment in the hot sun, ice is very hard on your teeth. You don’t want a day at the beach ruined because you break your tooth on hard ice. Even if you don’t injure your teeth by chewing on it, over time, this habit will just wear down your teeth, causing problems with your bite alignment later.

Avoid Dehydration By Drinking Plenty Of Water!

Water is incredibly important, especially during the summer. With rising temperatures, you’re outdoors more, you’re sweating a lot… if you’re not staying adequately hydrated, you’re at risk for heatstroke and dehydration. So how does this affect your teeth?

It leads to dry mouth. Without enough saliva in your mouth, you have no protective shield on your enamel to keep bacteria and acids from getting in. You become vulnerable to staining from dark foods and drinks, and you become more susceptible to oral infections, cavities, and decay.

Show Your Lips Some SPF Love!

When you’re lathering on the sunscreen, don’t forget your lips. Too much sun exposure increases your risk for oral cancer, so remember to carry around an SPF lip balm, at least 30+, and reapply all throughout the day.

Brush Your Teeth After Swimming In Chlorinated Water!

Swimming has to be one of the most fun activities of summertime! Kids love it, adults love it… how could it be bad for your teeth?! Well, we’re definitely grateful for chlorine for how it makes the pool water safe enough to swim in. Who’d want to swim among all that harmful bacteria and risk getting sick?

But chlorine can seep into your mouth, and the acidity of pool water can eat away at your tooth enamel. Again, this makes you more vulnerable to dental problems. Make sure to brush your teeth after splashing around in the local pool!

Visit Your Las Cruces Family Dentist!

Trust Dr. Reiter and our team at Advanced Dental to help keep your family’s smiles safe and healthy while you’re out and about this summer. Stop by for your routine dental cleaning and exam! Call us at 575-680-1037 today or fill out our online form to schedule your family’s summer dental checkup.



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