Keeping Up With The Health Of Your Smile

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Somewhere between the Organ Mountains and the Rio Grande, you’ll find our creative and dynamic dental practice. We are here to provide lifelong dentistry solutions designed to keep your family’s oral health on track.

The thing to remember is that preserving oral health really is a partnership between dentists and patients. There are always going to be certain things you will need to do at home in between visits, and other things that we will only be able to take care of in the office.

Together, we will work towards the best possible outcomes at all times. That is what matters in the end.

Keep reading for some of our hygiene tips and then be sure to follow up and schedule your next appointment. We will give you plenty to smile about when you get here!

Brush Those Pearly Whites

This should not be news to you! Brushing your teeth is your first defense against bacteria, disease, and decay. It is a crucial practice.

The American Dental Association suggests doing it for 2 or more minutes, at least twice each day. Makes sense to us!

Floss Is Your Friend

Sorry, but there is no good excuse for not flossing every day. Flossing is truly a non-negotiable. That is because dental floss is perhaps the only thing that can reach in-between your teeth in all the other places where plaque and tartar can hide.

Rinse With A Good Mouthwash

Rinsing is is great way to finish off your daily drill. Mouthwash that contains fluoride is good for reducing bacteria levels and helping fight off the decay that can lead to tooth loss in adults. And it keeps your breath fresh!

Find A Great Dentist

Professional teeth cleanings and thorough dental exams will go a long way towards keeping your mouth healthy and clean. These visits, every 3-6 months, give us the opportunity to poke around for any emerging causes for concern.

Advanced Dentistry In Las Cruces

We always start with an informal meet and greet to get better acquainted, and make you feel more at ease. After that you get to determine what happens next.

You will have the option of staying and having your initial exam and teeth cleaning, or you can return to start services at a time that works better with your schedule.

If you do decide to stick around and get started, we will complete some digital X-rays, clean your teeth, and screen your mouth for any signs of cancer. Then we will perform a dental exam and make recommendations for treatments, depending on your present needs.

Take Back Your Oral Health!

We hope you have been inspired to step up your game at home and to be mindful of making your six month preventive appointments. At Advanced Dental of Las Cruces, we will be here for you to help clean, straighten, whiten, strengthen, improve, or replace your teeth all through your life.

Contact our Las Cruces, NM office to take the next step towards a healthier smile!


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