Making Cavities Go Away

Making Cavities Go Away

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Today, instead of talking about preventive dentistry, we want to talk about ways in which we can restore the health of your smile, should anything ever go awry.

The most common issue we see at Advanced Dental of Las Cruces is cavities. When tooth decay first takes hold in your mouth, a hardly detectable hole will develop in your tooth. This hole will grow and grow, eventually eating away your tooth. This hole is known as a cavity.

When you are confronted with a cavity, you will want to seek restorative dental treatment right as soon as possible so that you don’t have to go through a root canal or a tooth extraction (followed by an implant).

If that is already your situation, we will help you get through it as comfortably as possible, but we would, obviously, prefer that you take the easy way out, if at all possible!

So, what do we do about simple cavities?

Fillings Are The Age-Old Answer

Truth be told, as your partner in oral health, we’d prefer that cavities be avoided altogether. That said, a little cavity isn’t a big deal if it is caught early enough. And we promise that when you come in for restorative treatment, you won’t get any disapproving talks from any of us.

Instead of lecturing you, we will get right to work. The Advanced Dental team can quickly treat the problem and restore your health with dental fillings. This can eliminate the need for more intense treatments down the road.

As you may well know, dental fillings have been around for years and years. However, they have seen some upgrades in the modern era. Silver amalgam, which is a paste composed of mercury along with a few other metals, is what your fillings were made of back in the day. Conventional fillings were actually great at preventing your teeth from rotting away. But they did have a few noteworthy concerns attached to them.

For starters, they aggravated folks with any sort of metal allergies. And they didn’t do your smile any favors with their dark metallic finish.

These days, though, we can do better!

The Way To Be Is Mercury-Free

Everything changes in the world of dentistry. That is a good thing! You can bet that we are constantly searching for ways to utilize new developments in the field to make it easier on you as a patient.

That is why we now use mercury-free fillings for our cavity treatments.

These new and improved fillings are made of a composite resin that allows us to closely match your filling to your own natural tooth-color. As such, there won’t be any metallic dark spots on the top of your teeth to haunt you for the foreseeable future.

We know you will love that they are crafted from a strong and resilient material, which means that they can get you back on the good road for a long, long time!

That ought to give you plenty to smile about!

Take The Next Step!

We hope you have been enlightened by today’s post. Here at Advanced Dental, we always make cavity treatment a quick, easy, and painless process.

If you think that you might already have signs of tooth decay, contact our Las Cruces, NM dental office today to work on restoring your oral health.


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