Mini Dental Implants Are A Beacon Of Hope! [BLOG]

Happy Independence Month, Las Cruces! It’s time to celebrate our great country and our freedom during the hot month of July. We hope you’re staying well hydrated for a healthy smile.

Our nation’s independence was once famously called the “great beacon light of hope,” by Martin Luther King, Jr. As we’ve seen in recent history, our country is still a symbol of hope for so many people. Our former President even used the word as an integral part of his campaign slogan calling for “Hope and Change!”

Hope is incredibly powerful. It allows us to endure despite our circumstances. Without it, things can quickly fall apart. That’s why Dr. Reiter and our team at Advanced Dental is choosing to talk about a tooth replacement option that truly is a ray of hope for many patients who’ve been told they aren’t good candidates for dental implants.

Today’s blog is about mini dental implants and how they offer hope to patients with missing teeth when all hope seems lost. We’ll be talking about what makes them different than traditional implants and how they can help you get your smile and your life back!

The Big Deal With These Little Implants

There actually isn’t much difference to how mini dental implants work as opposed to conventional implants beyond their size. As you would imagine, mini implants are smaller.

They act in the same way standard implants do by attaching to your jawbone and encouraging healthy bone growth. This allows you maintain the shape of your face because your jawbone stays engaged and strong.

Also like traditional implants, mini implants secure your dental restorations securely in place, such as with dentures, crowns, or bridges. So they provide the same kind of stability. And with restorations that fit over them, you have the benefit of that fully restored smile that looks and feels perfectly natural.

So how does their smaller size really set them apart from traditional implants? Well, that’s the hope we were talking about! Mini implants allow us to place your implant when you don’t have enough healthy jawbone to support a standard-sized implant. And you can have your mini implant placed without needing to go to the trouble of a bone graft procedure.

Another great benefit of these little wonders is that they offer hope for patients who may not be able to afford traditional implants due to their lower cost. They can also be used to help secure your lower dentures, as well.

See If Mini Implants Are The Solution You’ve Been Hoping For!

When you come to Advanced Dental for a consultation, Dr. Reiter will design a treatment plan that works for you. He will first determine if you’re a good candidate for mini implants by getting a good look at the state of your jawbone and assessing its health and strength.

Dr. Reiter will also need to make sure your teeth and gums overall are healthy and ready to support implants effectively. Any signs of infection or gum disease would need to be treated before you could receive an implant, but here in our Las Cruces dental office, we’re able to offer treatments quickly and comfortably.

If you’re approved for mini implants, you can trust the skills, training, and years of experience of Dr. Reiter and our team of professionals to give you the tooth replacement you need and the successful outcome you thought was out of your grasp.

Also, by trusting our team at Advanced Dental, you have the added benefit of our options in oral and IV sedation if you feel particularly fearful of dental procedures. You can get all the work you need with the help of sedation to get you as relaxed and comfortable as possible.

If you’ve been told you aren’t a good candidate for traditional implants, you could use a little hope. Missing one or several teeth can affect you in very negative, profound ways. It’s time to take advantage of mini implants and all the ways they can improve your appearance, your health, and your quality of life!

Come to Advanced Dental to find out if mini dental implants are right for you! Call our Las Cruces dental office at 575-680-1037 or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment.




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