Oral Health Made Easy

Situated between the Organ Mountains and the Rio Grande, Las Cruces, New Mexico, is a great place to be. We have year-round golf, two national monuments, lots of history, world-class Mexican cuisine, and top-notch dentistry.

Like how we threw ourselves into that list?

All kidding aside, we are extremely proud of the services we provide to our community.

At Advanced Dental we make it our mission to deliver all the dental solutions that your family could ever need. We try to make all of our procedures a pain-free and comfortable experience for our patients.

With us on your side, maintaining optimal oral health is easy.

But we see this endeavor as a partnership and you will definitely have a part to play.

In today’s blogpost, we wanted to review some basics for keeping your family on the right track.

Brush Away Decay

We’ve said it all before, but your main defense against bacteria, disease, and decay is brushing your teeth.

The ADA suggests that you do it for 2 solid minutes at least twice each day.

That’s a small price to pay for a clean mouth!

Dental Floss Is A Must

Flossing your teeth is another non-negotiable when it comes to oral health.

This is because dental floss attacks an entirely different area than brushing. It is the only thing that can clean in-between your teeth in the places where plaque and tartar can take up residence and cause cavities and infections.

Tack it on to your brushing routine and you will be in good shape.

Rinse For Health

Mouthwash that contains fluoride is good for reducing bacteria levels and helping fight off the decay that can lead to tooth loss in adults.

Did you know that fluoride is also contained in your Las Cruces tap water?

Visit Your Las Cruces, NM Dentist Often

It is always best to have a dentist that you can trust and whom you go to see at least twice each year.

Professional teeth cleanings and dental exams will go a long way towards keeping your mouth healthy. These visits give us the opportunity to address any emerging needs that you might not have known about before they become painful or costly to fix.

If you have any anxiety that is keeping you from coming in as often as you should, we can set you up with sedation dentistry, just ask!

How It Works At Advanced Dental

You will never be just another name on a chart in our Las Cruces dental office. That’s why we always start with an informal meet and greet to get better acquainted.

Once you have met our compassionate staff, you get to decide what happens next.

You will have the option of staying and having your initial exam and teeth cleaning, or you can return to start services at a time that works better with your schedule.

If you do decide to hangout and get started, we will complete some digital X-rays, clean your teeth, and screen your mouth for any signs of cancer.

Then we will perform a dental exam and make recommendations for treatments depending on your current situation.

After that, you will be sent on your way with a fresh, clean mouth and the piece of mind of knowing that nothing scary is going on in your mouth.

Appointments Are Fun At Advanced Dental

At Advanced Dental, we are here for you to help clean, straighten, whiten, strengthen, improve, or replace your teeth. Seriously, we do it all!

Contact our Las Cruces, NM dental team today to get started!


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