Full-Mouth Reconstruction: When Your Mouth Needs a Lot of Help

Full-Mouth Reconstruction in Las Cruces, NM

Do you have more than one issue affecting the function of your mouth? Let Dr. Reiter and his staff help you today with full-mouth reconstruction procedure.

What is a full-mouth reconstruction?

If you have multiple issues robbing you of a functional mouth, a single restorative procedure just isn’t enough. In these cases, a full-mouth reconstruction may be needed. This is where we bundle all of the needed treatments into a single treatment plan. This gives us the ability to address multiple issues from a comprehensive perspective, providing only necessary treatments and getting your mouth back to functioning well.

How will dental implants help my smile?

Dental implants replace the teeth you have lost, both the crown and the root. They are able to give you everything your real teeth gave you and can even last a lifetime – something that traditional dentures and fixed bridges cannot claim. We can replace just one tooth or all of your teeth depending on your needs.

What is full-arch restoration on 4 and 6 dental implants?

Full-arch on 4 or 6 implants is a technique we use to secure a full-arch restoration in your mouth using only four or six dental implants. Using 3D imaging technology, we can strategically plan and place the implants for the best results possible. This means less surgery for you, less healing time for you, and less time between your old, damaged smile and your new smile.

What is different about mini dental implants?

Mini dental implants are smaller in gauge (thickness) than traditional implants and may be shorter in length as well. This is great for patients who lack the necessary bone mass to support traditional dental implants.

What is same-day smile?

Same-day smile refers to our ability to place load-bearing implant restorations the same day you get your dental implants put in. Instead of waiting until the implants have healed, same-day implants can support chewing the day they are put into your mouth. If you do not want to go without teeth after your implant placement, ask Dr. Reiter about this option.

What type of dentures does Advanced Dental offer?

Advanced Dental offers implant-retained dentures. These give you the same amazing level of support as dental implants but with the full-arch replacement teeth of a denture.

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