Computer-Guided Implant Surgery and Oral Surgery

Implant and Oral Surgery in Las Cruces, NM

Do you need dental implants or procedures to prepare for implants? These oral surgery needs can be taken care of at Advanced Dental. Dr. Reiter has both the training and technology required to repair and improve your smile.

What types of oral surgery does Dr. Reiter do?

Dr. Reiter performs bone grafts and ridge augmentations. If you have low jawbone mass or a deformity in your jawbone, he can correct these problems with grafting or a ridge augmentation prior to placing your dental implants. He also performs computer-guided implant surgery. This allows him the ability to place your dental implants in an ultra-precise manner. From start to finish, Dr. Reiter can care for your smile to ensure success with dental implants.

What is a ridge augmentation?

If you are suffering from a deformity in the bone structure of your jaw, a ridge augmentation can correct the natural profile of the bone so that your dental structure looks the way it should. This deformity may be the result of an injury, tooth extraction, or missing teeth. For this procedure, Dr. Reiter will fill the deformity with bone from another area or a bone-like substitute to promote new bone growth in the affected area. Dr. Reiter will explain each step of the process to you during a consultation.

Why would I need a bone graft?

Bone grafting is performed by taking bone from one area of the mouth (or from a bone substitute) and moving it to another area lacking sufficient bone. This promotes new bone growth in the area with thin bone mass. This is especially pertinent to those who would like to have dental implants placed but have lost too much bone. Dental implants require a certain amount of bone for them to anchor to and bond with, and Dr. Reiter can help make that possible with this procedure.

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