Preventing Gum Disease In Las Cruces!

Preventing Gum Disease In Las Cruces!

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…concerned about your oral health?

…trying your best to take care of your gums and teeth at home?

…looking for a dentist in New Mexico to be your partner in prevention?

Then you have come to the right place! In our Las Cruces dental office, we have all the training and tools necessary to optimize your oral health. Together we can keep your mouth clean and your smile looking great, for many years to come. Even though your teeth are an important piece of the puzzle, your gums should also be a regular focal point for our preventive efforts. You should never take them for granted!

Gingivitis Sneaks Up On You

Gingivitis is a mild stage of gum disease that sneaks up on you while you aren’t looking. It causes some inflammation but gives off no big warning signs that you would recognize without the trained eye of a dentist. The good news is that if it is detected and treated by a professional early enough, the damage can be reversed. Left untreated, your gums will swell. They will become tender, and very bloody! That’s when you know that a more advanced form of gum disease, periodontal disease, has taken hold. That won’t be good for you!

Periodontal Disease Wreaks Havoc On Your Health

Periodontal disease results from plaque and bacteria that have marched beneath your gumline, expanding the original infection. This is where things get ugly fast. Your teeth will soon loosen and remove themselves because this disease goes after their support structure (gums, tissues, and bone) leaving them vulnerable and exposed. But this disease won’t stop at destroying your mouth.

Your Total Body Is Under Attack

If periodontal disease has the opportunity to run wild in your bloodstream and respiratory system, your whole body will pay the painful price.

After you lose your teeth, you will have respiratory disease, diabetes, heart disease, and certain types of cancer to look forward to! But that doesn’t have to be your fate!

Advanced Dental Of Las Cruces Is On Your Side

Good home hygiene habits are the first component of preventing gum disease. That means brushing your teeth at least twice a day, flossing often, and rinsing with a fluoride mouthwash. We will pick up where you leave off.

The second component is visiting our office twice a year for professional teeth cleanings and thorough examinations. Such checkups will allow us to regularly eradicate any plaque and bacteria that is left in your mouth.

Moreover, we will be able to stay in-tune with the situation in your mouth. As such, we can usually identify and address any early signs of gingivitis before you ever have to deal with advanced gum disease or worse possibilities. Trust us, it is always less painful and costly to stay on top of things!

Still, in the event that you are already confronted with some form of gum disease, we can help by performing a special deep cleaning, scaling, and root planing. Rest assured, our treatment methods are designed to eliminate the problem as painlessly as possible and restore the health of your gums so that you can get back on the good road.

Take Charge Of Your Oral Health!

We hope you will be inspired by today’s post to take the next step towards a healthier mouth. If you think you may have gingivitis or periodontal disease, click here or give our office a call today at [phone].


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