Preventive Dentistry Is A Partnership

Welcome to the Advanced Dental blog! Thanks for checking out our online home. If you happen to live in the Las Cruces, New Mexico area, we’d love to see you in-person some time soon.

We have a great working relationship with our patients as we tend to share the same goal of boosting oral health. Throughout our partnership, our team will provide excellent preventative care for your family (such as exams and cleanings), and we will also provide you with enough education to keep up with your part at home.

We all have a part to play!


Your basic defense against bacteria, gum disease, and cavities is brushing your teeth! The American Dental Association suggests that you do it twice a day, and for two minutes per session. We couldn’t agree more!


Brushing your teeth is only the beginning. Flossing your teeth is as crucial as brushing. This is because dental floss goes after an entirely different area than brushing does.

In fact, flossing is the only way to get in-between your teeth where plaque and tartar can build up, waiting to cause trouble in your mouth.


You should also rinse whenever possible. Mouthwash can be very effective at reducing bacteria levels and helping fight off the decay that can lead to lost teeth. Fluoride rinses are the best. And for more fluoride protection, you can drink tap water, it’s free!


Finding a dentist in Las Cruces you can trust to keep up with your ever-changing needs will be one of the best things you can do for your health. Receiving professional teeth cleanings and thorough exams every 3-6 months is a major component of keeping your mouth fresh and your smile looking good.

Coming to see us is in your best interest. It is important that we are in-tune with your situation so that we can attend to any emerging concerns that you might not have known about (such as fillings for cavities, treatment for gum disease, etc.). Never assume that just because you don’t have any symptoms, everything is OK.

Our goal is to eliminate the need for potentially painful procedures down the road. Trust us, root canals and extractions are not as fun as regular checkups!

Advanced Dental of Las Cruces makes it easy to stay on the good road. We do everything in our power to make you feel comfortable and more at ease throughout your time in our office.

If there is ever anything else that we can do to make it a more pleasant experience, don’t hesitate to communicate that to our caring and compassionate staff.


We really do look at oral health as a partnership. If you are doing your part at home, we will take care of the things that require a well-trained eye and specialized tools.

At Advanced Dental of Las Cruces, we are always here for you to help clean, straighten, whiten, strengthen, improve, or replace your teeth. Our team is also well educated in the many sleep apnea treatments that can bring you some much needed rest.

We will reduce the stress of making your first dental appointment, and ensure that the check-in process will be streamlined for a quick start when you do get to our office.

Contact our Las Cruces, NM dental office to get your health on-track!


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