Rest Easy During Your Next Dentist Appointment

For many people, seeing a doctor of any kind is nerve-wracking. Patients don’t like the uncertainty and risk associated with medical offices. We don’t want the doctor to find anything wrong, so we avoid going altogether.

While the above is a perfectly normal thought process, there are some patients whose fear of the dentist office reaches beyond the norm. These patients carry around a fear that is so advanced that they cannot even come into the office for routine care!

If this sounds familiar, this post is for you! There is a way to overcome your fear and get the dental care you so desperately need. We will never try to convince you not to be afraid, and we won’t ask you to sit back and be still when you are obviously afraid. Instead, we will give you tools to help you relax, which will, over time, help you overcome your fear.

Why Are You Afraid?

The first thing you need to do before you are able to overcome your fear is to identify why you are afraid in the first place! There are many, many things that could lead you to feel afraid, but we have some of the most common listed below.

Past Experience – If you had a terrifying experience as a child or younger adult, there is a great chance that you will fear the dentist. You have lost your trust with the dentist office, and it is difficult to overcome that fear.

Hollywood – Movies and television shows portray the dentist in a terrible light, even if it is just for fun! Those messages of fear enter your mind more than you may realize. Many patients come into our office afraid of something that they have only seen depicted on television!

Rumors – One of the hardest fears to break is the one that comes through rumor. We interact with the world based on the information we get from those we trust most. If you have a family member tell you that an experience is scary, you will believe it as well!

Find a Sedation Method That Works

One way to help you overcome your fear is with the use of sedation. For different patients, there are different levels of sedation that can help you overcome your fear and get the dental care you need. Let’s take a look at those sedation options and how they might benefit you.

Classic Nitrous Oxide

You are probably most familiar with nitrous oxide. This gaseous sedation is used in offices around the world. It is a quick and simple way for you to feel relaxed in the mind and body during your appointment.

Many patients call nitrous oxide “happy gas” or “laughing gas” because of the light and airy feeling it gives you. Once your treatment is complete and you stop breathing the gas, you will go back to feeling normal within minutes.

Nitrous is perfect for patients with a mild to moderate fear of the dentist or those preparing to experience simple dental work.

Advanced Oral Conscious Sedation

For some patients, nitrous oxide is not enough. Some patients cannot breathe the gas effectively, while others do not get enough sedation from the gas. In these cases, we recommend oral conscious sedation.

Oral sedation is a pill given to you as a prescription. You will take it about an hour before you come into the office (be sure you have a friend who can drive you!). Once you are here, we will get to work.

Oral conscious sedation is perfect for patients who have a moderate to severe fear of the dentist because it allows you to feel deeply sedated. Many patients even fall asleep while we work, but they are easily awakened if need be.

A Better Appointment Means Better Health

Dental sedation is an important part of our advanced dental office. It is the tool that allows fearful patients the ability to get the dental care they need. Don’t waste your time in a dental office that doesn’t give you the tools you need to have a successful appointment.

Remember, it is very difficult to maintain great oral health if you are too afraid to come into the office! If you want a smile that will last, you need to find a way to be seen by the dentist. Dental sedation may be the answer.

Contact Our Office to Learn More Today!

If you are ready to learn more about dental sedation and how it can benefit you, contact our office. We would love to talk through your options with you! We can’t wait to see you and help you overcome your fear of the dentist, so call today!


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