Restorations: The Lonely Hearts Club of Dentistry

When it comes to your teeth, certain procedures get all the love. We schedule our routine cleanings and exams. We maintain good oral hygiene at home. If we’ve given much thought to our teeth beyond that, it’s probably only been with cosmetic options in mind.


You have a healthy smile, but maybe you’ve considered professional teeth whitening. Perhaps you’ve thought about your options for straightening a few front teeth that are just a tad crooked.


The point is, outside of our general dental health needs, all the attention seems to go to cosmetic dentistry. Function seems more like an afterthought.


Until life happens. It could be an accident or injury of some kind, and suddenly the functionality of our teeth demand attention. Restorative dentistry is something we disregard…until we need it.


Yes, there exists in the field of dentistry a lonely hearts club of options for people who need to fix their smiles. We want a brighter, more beautiful smile, and boom. Cosmetic dentistry makes it happen. But how often do we say, “I just want my smile back to normal!”?


No bells. No whistles. Just give me my smile back before {insert traumatic tooth-related incident here!} happened. Restorations sit quietly and dutifully in the corner, waiting to come to our rescue. And rescue us, they do.


So today, let’s give them a little love and attention, shall we?


What is Restorative Dentistry?


Restorative dentistry refers to a variety of dental procedures that serve to bring a tooth, or several teeth, back to full functionality. This could mean:


-dental fillings, crowns, or bridges

-root canal treatments

-dental veneers

-dental implants


Who Needs Restorative Dentistry?


Actually, everyone does.


Dr. Reiter at Advanced Dental in Las Cruces, NM performs all sorts of restorative procedures on patients who seek his help for various reasons.


For example, you might need something as simple as a dental filling to treat a cavity. At Advanced Dental, Dr. Reiter offers composite resin fillings, which give your tooth a more natural look than the dark, metal fillings of the past.


Or maybe while at a lovely restaurant with your Valentine enjoying a nice, juicy steak, you suddenly break a tooth. It’s actually more common than you might think. With our technology at Advanced Dental, we can custom-make a dental crown to cover and protect your broken tooth from further damage.


In more severe cases of injury, such as a car accident, you may be missing a tooth or several teeth. For this, you would need more complex treatment such as dental implants.


Dr. Reiter uses the latest in dental technology, such as cone beam computed tomography and 3D planning, to design dental implant placements that work for your specific needs. He is highly trained to provide you with dental implants that will bring full function back to your teeth so you can live your life exactly as you did before.


Why Should You Trust Us?


One of the many benefits of choosing Advanced Dental for dental implants is that you’re not only putting your smile in the hands of an expert, but you’re also able to receive start to finish treatment in the convenience of one location.


Another advantage of Advanced Dental is our reliable, experienced care when you need it most! When it comes to cracked, chipped, or broken teeth, you are going to need help as soon as possible. We are ready to handle your dental emergency!


When you find yourself in a situation that might require restorative dentistry, Dr. Reiter is a dentist you can trust. His years of experience and his commitment to using the latest in technology allow him to provide quality restorations that can serve two functions.


Not only can restorations bring back the function of your teeth, they can improve the overall appearance of your smile in the process.


That’s the kind of quality care you can expect from us at Advanced Dental.

You see? Restorations don’t get enough credit, but these lonely hearts of dentistry might be just what you need to bring your smile back to normal!


Call us today at 575-680-1037 to schedule a free consultation or fill out our online form, and let us help you decide which of these restorative options will work for you!


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