Do you have cavities? Have you been told you need to have fillings but don’t want ugly silver metal fillings ruining your smile? The team at Advanced Dental in Las Cruces offers tooth-colored fillings to prevent decay and provide you with a natural smile. We can also replace your old failing fillings with our white composite fillings.

Why Do I Need Fillings?

When decay begins to form in your tooth, a small hole will develop. The hole will continue to grow over time and eat away at your tooth. The longer the decay is left alone, the worse it becomes. When tooth decay gets to a point where it is no longer controllable or it has consumed most of the tooth, you may need to have the tooth extracted. Fillings can help prevent that from happening because they fill the hole, strengthening the tooth structure and protecting it from further decay.

Why Not Metal Fillings?

Metal fillings are one of the most common types of fillings and have been used for many decades. One of the reasons people do not like metal fillings is because they can be very noticeable. When you talk or open your mouth, people can see them, and they instantly know that you had a cavity there.

Metal fillings also contain roughly 50 percent mercury, and this can deter patients who are afraid of mercury poisoning or who have allergies to metal. Patients who have metal fillings can have them safely replaced with tooth-colored fillings in Las Cruces.

Come See Us for Your Filling

If you think you need a filling, come in and talk to us about your options. You can schedule your appointment by calling us at (575) 297-0475.