Six Months To A Better Smile

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Advanced Dental of Las Cruces is dedicated to providing New Mexico families with stunningly healthy smiles.

In our office on Don Roser Drive, we offer a variety of general and cosmetic dental solutions designed to meet your ever-evolving needs.

To that end, we proudly feature adult orthodontic treatment solutions that are fast, effective, and discreet.

It stands to reason that if you do not have perfectly straight, evenly spaced teeth, you may be a little self-conscious about your appearance, and reluctant to share your smile with the world.

However, investing in the necessary dental improvements so that you will have a super smile can ultimately help raise your level of self-confidence.

This boost in self-assurance (and an increased willingness to smile) can easily translate into a higher rate of success in both your private and professional worlds.

The good news is that at Advanced Dental of Las Cruces, we make it real easy for you to straighten things out in your mouth.

Six Month Smiles

If you are an adult living with crooked, misaligned, gapped, or overcrowded teeth, we can fix the situation with a method known as Six Month Smiles.

As the name implies, with Six Month Smiles, your teeth can be transformed in a matter of months.

When you think about it, this is pretty incredible.

Especially considering that traditional orthodontic treatment can take two or even three years to wrap up.

Most active, gainfully employed adults simply don’t have the time or patience for the old way of doing things.

Luckily, for our patients here in Las Cruces, New Mexico, braces don’t have to be the awkward and embarrassing, long-term commitment that they used to be.

Six Month Smiles can improve your smile forever, for the better.

Orthodontics Aren’t Just For Kids

In our minds, we generally associate braces with teenagers.

They are, after all, are a large percentage of the orthodontic patient population.

Still, many grown ups in our community could benefit from orthodontic work too.

What Adult Patients Want From Orthodontic Treatment

Not surprisingly, adults have different needs than teenagers when it comes to orthodontics.

Our adult patients need an orthodontic solution that will do what it promises in terms of effectiveness. They are making their own investment of time and money and they don’t want to fool around with anything that isn’t going to radically makeover their smile.

Moreover, adults need orthodontic gear that isn’t going to feel uncomfortable or draw attention to their mouths. Bright shiny metal isn’t going to cut it.

They also need their treatment to happen fast so they can achieve the results they want and move on with their lives.

Maybe you can relate.

If those are the things you are looking for, Six Month Smiles more than delivers on all of those needs.

Start Today At Advanced Dental Care

If you get started now, by March you could be enjoying all the aesthetic benefits of your gorgeous new smile.

Come see what adult orthodontics can do for you at Advanced Dental Care of Las Cruces, NM.

Contact our office today!


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