The Big Benefits Of Mini Dental Implants In Las Cruces

The Big Benefits Of Mini Dental Implants In Las Cruces

Hello from your friends here at Advanced Dental of Las Cruces, NM! We hope that this blog is a source of good information for you and your family.

Today, we want to address a painful subject, and we aren’t just speaking metaphorically. We are talking about tooth loss in adults. This can happen as the result of decay, or gum disease, but it can also happen quickly and unexpectedly as the result of an accident or dental emergency. Either way, when you lose a tooth as a grown up, it will be traumatic and embarrassing. You will need to find a solution sooner rather than later.

There have been advancements made as far as your options for replacement teeth. These have included dentures, implants, etc. But right now, we would like to introduce you to a nuanced solution we can provide in certain circumstances: a mini dental implant.

What Are Mini Dental Implants?

As the name suggests, mini implants are small! And in all seriousness, the primary difference between traditional dental implants and mini dental implants is strictly the size.

Mini dental implants are actually a few millimeters smaller in diameter than conventional dental implants. However, both of these types of implants are made from titanium that naturally fuses to your jawbone through a process known as osseointegration. Try saying that fast!

Sometimes referred to as denture-retention implants, mini dental implants are most commonly used to stabilize bottom dentures, but the smaller-diameter implants can be used in different areas of your mouth.

Advanced Dental started handling dental mini implant procedures some years ago after seeing an increase in patients who were not great candidates for traditional dental implants.

In case you didn’t know, in order to receive dental implants, patients need to have a certain amount of jawbone and be in pretty good health generally speaking. Unlike standard dental implants, our mini dental implants for dentures can be placed for patients who have a thin jawbone and it will not require major oral surgery.

As such, mini dental implants provide us a way to stabilize your dentures and preserve your jawbone, giving you a more youthful look, while allowing you to eat all the foods you love.

How Does It Happen?

We’d like to say it happens by magic. But it really is almost that easy on the patient. To place mini dental implants, we create a tiny hole in the jawbone and then place the titanium rods. Once the implants properly integrate with your jawbone, we’ll place durable and stunning dentures.

Not only is the function of our mini dental implants strong and reliable, but the treatment is significantly more affordable than traditional dental implants according to our mini dental implants reviews. You can restore your smile and not have to worry about how you will ever be able to pay for it.

That sounds like a pretty good deal, right?

So, what’s holding you back? There’s no time like the present to take the next step.

Learn More, Get Started

We hope that this blog post has inspired you to learn more about mini implants. If you have struggled with missing teeth and need a good option for stabilizing your lower oral appliance, call our office today at [phone] or contact us to schedule an in-depth consultation.

We can’t wait to restore your smile!


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