What Could Your Smile Be in Six Months?

Do you have the smile of your dreams? Have you always wanted to see an improvement but not known how to achieve it? If you are looking for simple, quick orthodontic improvement, we have a solution for you using Six Month Smiles.

The fact that your smile could be transformed in as few as six months is pretty incredible when you consider that traditional orthodontic treatment can take up to three years to complete! If you are a working, dating, or active adult, you don’t have time to wait that long!

Our patients in Las Cruces, NM don’t have to wait any longer than six months to see dramatic improvements in their smiles. In fact, some patients don’t even have to wait that long to see the dramatic results they have been waiting for. Braces don’t have to be the embarrassing, lengthy treatment they used to be. Let’s take a look at Six Month Smiles and how it can improve your smile for good.

Adults Need Orthodontic Work, Too

We generally associate braces with kids, but adults can also often benefit from orthodontic work. Not all kids who need braces are able to get them, and not all braces treatment is cared for as that kid ages. Both of these situations leave an adult needing orthodontic care. The thing about adults is that they need things out of braces that kids don’t necessarily need. Let’s take a look at what adults need when they are choose an orthodontic solution.

They Need it Fast – Adults who are working or interacting with other people on a daily basis don’t have time to wait years to see improvement. They need their treatment fast so that they can get the results they need and move on with their lives.

They Need it Comfortable – Adults are not as patient with uncomfortable braces as kids are. Kids tend to take the obvious and inconspicuous braces in stride because many of their classmates are wearing something similar. Adults, however, need something that isn’t going to draw attention to itself.

They Need it Effective – While kids have time to work through a couple of orthodontic options before finding the best solution, adults need their treatment to work quickly and effectively. They need an orthodontic solution that will do what it promises!

The Six Month Smiles Benefits List

There is a solution for adults seeking orthodontic care. It is called Six Month Smiles. This unique procedure allows us to transform smiles in an average of six months. Some treatment lasts up to 9 months, while other treatment is completed in as few as three months! A few of the benefits of Six Month Smiles are listed below.

Not Noticeable – While Six Month Smiles are visible, they are not very noticeable on your teeth. We use clear brackets and tooth-colored wires to create braces that camouflage against your teeth. If someone is looking closely, they can see your braces, but this treatment won’t draw attention to itself.

Quick – Six Month Smiles are fast, as the name implies. They work quickly because they focus only on the teeth in the front of your smile. With so few teeth to move, the braces are able to accomplish the task faster than traditional systems.

The End Results – Patients want a smile solution that will allow them to have a beautiful smile that lasts. Six Month Smiles is that solution. After your treatment is complete, we will talk to you about how to maintain your smile with the use of a retainer. With proper care, you will have your new smile for the rest of your life!

Where Will Your Smile Be in Six Months?

In six months, it will be time for Valentines Day. Will you be ready for your true love with a smile that will stop them in their tracks? Six Month Smiles can help you get there! Begin treatment now so that you are ready for that romantic evening!

Set Up an Appointment Today!

Contact our office today to set up an appointment. We would love to hear from you soon and help you achieve your smile goals. If Six Month Smiles is for you, we will help you get started! If Six Month Smiles isn’t your best option, we will help you find a procedure that is. Come see us soon, and we will help you get a happier, healthier smile!


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