Whiter Teeth For Christmas

Hey Folks. Thanks for visiting the Advanced Dental oral health blog. We are your trusted source for dentistry solutions in Las Cruces, New Mexico, all through the year.

We hope that you are enjoying the holiday season and gearing up for all the great things that 2016 has in-store for us. If you are embarrassed to show up at your annual gatherings of friends and family because of your deeply stained or discolored teeth, we can help you fix that.

You see, at Advanced Dental, we offer top-notch whitening services that will quickly restore the bright white shading of your teeth.

Why Whitening Services Are In Demand

If you like coffee, soda, tea, red wine, or fresh fruits and vegetables, then maybe you will want to look into whitening. All of these simple pleasures can deeply stain your pearly whites. So can medication, and just getting older. As such, whitening solutions are increasingly popular in this country.

Accordingly, every toothpaste company now claims to have a product that can make your teeth shine brightly. And there are plenty of home whitening kits that you can easily pick up at the drugstore.

Still, you should know that the only way to significantly improve the color of your teeth is to undergo professional whitening treatment guided by your Las Cruces dentist.

Store-Bought Kits Will Only Disappoint You

Over the counter whitening kits are slow to work, and they can actually be hazardous to your health. Mostly this is because one-size-fits-all trays don’t usually fit your unique mouth properly. As such, chemical whitening products that are designed to work on your teeth rather than your soft tissues, can do real damage to your gums.

Plus, over-the-counter whitening products leave you in charge of the process and are just not as reliable or effective as the type of whitening you can receive from Advanced Dental.

Your Las Cruces Dentist Does It Better

In our office, we use the KöR Whitening Deep Bleaching system to quickly provide you with whiter teeth. This has proven to be a fast, safe, and effective process.

When you come in for your whitening procedure, we will place the special whitening gel on your teeth. Then you will have a light placed over your mouth to activate the gel. Once the gel gets to work, your stains and discoloration will begin to disappear right before your eyes.

This non-invasive procedure will normally only last an hour or so. Once the treatment is over, we promise that you will notice an immediate improvement in your smile.

And you will definitely not be embarrassed by the final results.

We Can Brighten Your Outlook

No matter how badly your teeth are stained, Advanced Dental of Las Cruces can quickly give you a brighter, whiter smile for the holidays. Why put it off any longer?

Contact our Las Cruces, NM dental team today to learn more about what our professionally guided teeth whitening solutions can do for you.

We can’t wait to get started!


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